Pneumatic Compression Pumps


LymphapressŪ LymphapressŪ is a multi-compartmental pressure system specifically designed for the treatment of primary or secondary lymphedema patients. LymphapressŪ utilizes a short-duration, adjustable high pressure cycle providing a sequential milking pattern to the upper or lower limb through multiple compartments. Thus, fluid moves from the distal area and progresses proximally. The unique overlapping of the twelve air compartments within the sleeve guarantees a calibrated gradient pressure and prevents any gaps between the functioning compartments. The 30 second inflation cycles are alternated with an intermission phase to allow free flow of arterial blood. LymphapressŪ provides a comfortable treatment and accounts for maximal patient compliance.

Bio Compression Sequential Circulator

Sequential 1 Sequential compression devices are a proven and effective means to manage primary or secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or to heal venous stasis ulcers. The Bio Compression pump uses six sequentially inflating air chambers to move fluid proximally in a short-duration, adjustable high pressure cycle.

Sequential 2 Sequential 3